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AA Command Goes Live
Article by 12ampage - January 16, 2009, 9:48 pm

AA Command began as a project in august 2008.  Over the duration of the last 6 months the development of the community has progressed in leaps and bounds into what you see today.  The purpose of AA Command is to unite the communities of Americas Army to work towards a common goal, to provide resources and information pertinent to both the competitive and public communities of AA, and to encourage the two communities to work together to advance the popularity of Americas Army and the quality of the community.

AA Command hopes to accomplish this goal by creating a safe environment for all americas army players to interact.  AA Command currently offers several services to accomplish this goal free of charge.  These include: a moderated forums for discussion and debate, AA Command Tactical Source (a comprehensive tactical database), AA Command News Stand (find community news, news about the development of AA 3.0, and news from the competitive environment), and a public teamspeak available for any clan to use and call home.  Make sure to check back frequently as we have lots of new exciting services in the works to be released in the near future.

Furthermore, I would like to invite you to register with our forums.  The forums are designed to ensure that any player, no matter his skill level or background, can have a place to discuss anything on there mind about americas army or something else.  Our forums are a great place if you are a newcomer to the game or seasoned vetran.

Want to keep up-to-date in the happenings within the Americas Army community? Take the time to subscribe to our news stand rss feed here and receive Americas Army news straight to your rss reader.

Last of all I would like to invite you to join our teamspeak server.  Our teamspeak server is great if you want to chat to an admin, talk about tactics in the AA Command Tactical Source, or just strike up a quick game of americas army with an admin or someone else in teamspeak.  Our teamspeak ip is and has no password.  Upon joining the server an admin will help you register with the server as soon as possible.  Also make sure to talk to an admin about registering a private channel for your clan to use.

Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy all the hard work that has gone into and will go into this community.  If you feel you would like to take the next step and become a little more involved I would like to invite you to fill out a staff application here

-12ampage (AA Command Founder)

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Merry Christmas Everyone
Article by Snoop - December 25, 2008, 4:58 pm

Merry Christmas!


We would like to wish you the best and hope everyone is safe and sound to bring the new year in.


AAC Staff

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Unlimited Gaming League Launches
Article by 12ampage - December 14, 2008, 1:06 pm

Yet another new Americas Army tournament website launched this week.  The league is very new but is quickly gaining ground and respect within the competitive community.  This may be due to excellent leadership, good organization, or more likely because of a $75 prize offered to the winner of the grand opening tournament.  In years past AA has seen a steady decrease in compeitions offering cash prizes.  This is due in part to many reasons including, a decrease in players and a lack of willingness to pay entrie fees.  I encourage you to take the time to check out this league at


A little more infomation about UGL (Unlimited Gaming League):


Unlimited Gaming League™, Where gaming meets perfection and where we incorporate our strive for greatness to become a dominant America’s Army league by having you the players help us to improve your online competitive game play experience. We want to make this league your number one.

At Unlimited Gaming League™, we want players to enjoy competing in our league, and make your match time something with ease and worth.   Coming up next week is our Grand Opening 4v4. This is a non-entry fee league with a prize for the first place winners. Right now, the prize is at set value of $75, but with more donations and members we will up the pot and make the winners glad that picked us.

Anti-Cheat Measures: We are going try our best to keep this league cheater free by using America’s Army DemoRecs and having our Anti-Cheat staff review players before, during, and after game play to keep this league clean.  
So, sign up before the cutoff date December 19th, 2008 for the BIG PRIZE.

A List of Currently enrolled teams (as of 12-14-08):

Instruments of God
Unreasonable Ownage
After Effects
Nothing 2 Prove

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Champlain Map Pack Released!
Article by 12ampage - December 11, 2008, 5:59 pm

The new maps Canyon and District have finally been released.  At first glimpse both maps feature a smaller 'urban assault' like style of play.  Canyon is surrounded by a beautiful landscape and featrues an instricate map layout.  District on the other hand is located in the heart of a city full of graffiti and trash.  District may be one of the smallest maps we have seen to date, it will offer a very fast paced game.


DCDS Bogged down with all the downloads?

Feel free to download the two new maps right from AA Command, after downloading just copy and paste the maps to your americasarmy/system/maps folder.  Happy Fraging!


Canyon: Click here to download.


District: Click here to download.

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SITREP - Champlain Map Pack
Article by Snoop - December 10, 2008, 2:18 am

Looks like AA 2.x has expanded yet again.  Last Saturday, [Dev]Phoenix announced the coming of 2 new maps to add to the 46 Official Maps.


Posted: 6 DEC 2008 - by Phoenix
Intelligence reports insurgent activity in two new areas. Terrorist groups have been detected in both Europe and the Middle East. Locations of concern are within civilian populated areas, so you better stay sharp. Check your gear, deployment is imminent.

In keeping with the tradition of fostering relationships with institutions of higher learning, America’s Army is proud to present the Champlain College Map Pack. This map pack features two multiplayer missions which were created by a group of thirteen Champlain students with the guidance of the America’s Army Dev team.


View details for this training. District
Tour: Infantry
Intelligence reports that insurgent forces are conducting reconnaissance against targets in the allied city of Dakrasi, in an effort to collect sensitive information on the local infrastructure for future operations. read more >>
View details for this training. Canyon
Tour: Infantry
A local warlord has recently taken control of a small mountain village capturing a large cache of heavy weapons in the process. Intelligence reports the cache has been separated and moved to two locations, one in the Northern sector and one in the Southern sector of the village. read more >>



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